Our Awesome Story

Established in Dubai in 2017, Mai Blue Purification of Potable Water LLC (MBPPW) offers high quality bottled water products for domestic and regional markets, particularly in UAE. Adhering to strict quality standards, Mai Blue is one of the leading in the industry for natural mineral water.

Operating on a tight 6-day-week schedule, MBPPW is currently supported by a staff strength of about 80 permanent staff.

Mai Blue Brand

One of the popular brands produced by MBPPW is the widely marketed Mai Blue brand. Besides this, MBPPW also bottles mineral water for companies wishing to have the products bearing their own brand labels. MBPPW’s mineral water products are packed into a range of sizes, notably 250ml, 500ml, 1500ml and 5 Gallon.

Our Skills

We are very passionate in sharing the purest mineral water with our consumers and the public. From day to day we work very hard to make sure that every single bottle leaves the factory at an international standard that we have built our foundation upon.




Fast Lead Times

Our high capacity production lines ensure full truck orders are completed within a single day. Once the initial set up process and delivery are complete, subsequent orders under the right conditions could be completed within that day and delivered the next day if required.

Wide Distribution Network

We have over 18 trucks that covers the whole of Dubai. Sharjah & Ajman are amongst the regions we deliver as well. Wherever you need it, we will get it there.


Our way of operating and processing allow us to have a high level of flexibility and customizability to cater to everyone’s needs. We welcome anyone with specific requirements which include logistics, bottle and label design, carton specifications and more.

Quality Control

Quality and consistency in standards are what we pursue at all times, and we focus heavily on our quality control and assurance. Our QA and QC division has a fast and reliable response rate who can provide answers to any technical question in quality and operations.

What We Do

In order to ensure we can maintain our quality and remain cost competitive, we have established several divisions in our facilities to maximise efficiency.We utilise state of the art water processing and filtration technologies in our facility. Natural mineral water extracted from underground goes through several crucial steps of media filtration processes to remove excessive minerals while preserving the optimum taste for the final product. Subsequent processes include the usage of ultra-fine filtration methods to eliminate all unwanted impurities in the treated water. These specific steps ensure that the water in each bottle is as natural as possible. As for our drinking (R.O.) water, a different filtration method called Reverse Osmosis is used. By applying high pressure on the filtration membrane, pure water is filtered through the membrane except for the minerals. This process helps us to produce the water that is crystal clear and purest in taste.

Bottling Facility

To ensure efficient bottling, we have invested in machinery from overseas which helps us to minimise rejects while maintaining zero contact from the elements. We are always on the search for better and more efficient machines to ensure that our products remain competitive in the markets. As of the moment in 2016, our most efficient production line could bottle up to 18,000 bottles per hour.

Plastic Division

The clarity and safety of each bottle is of utmost importance to us. In order for us to have high quality, clear bottles, we have made sure of that by producing them ourselves. The injection machines produce preforms which are strictly inspected by our qualified engineers. The preforms are then passed to the bottle blowing division to be made into bottles. Our most capable machine can now produce 4 bottles per second.

Oil-Free Air Compressors

While all air compressors may function the same, Oil-Free ones ensure that the output air which blows the bottles is virtually free from any mechanical contact which include grease and dust. This not only helps us produce the clearest of bottles, but also crucially the cleanest of bottles.

Quality Assurance(QA)

We have robust Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) teams to inspect and maintain the high quality standards that we strongly believe in. They are passionate in their line of work and are also trained professionally to be efficient and effective.

Your Trusted Water Supply Partner for Exhibition Companies in Dubai

In the vibrant landscape of Dubai’s event industry, seamless operations are crucial to creating unforgettable experiences. As a dedicated water supplying company, we take pride in being the backbone that supports the endeavors of exhibition companies across the UAE. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond simply delivering water; we understand the intricate needs of exhibition booth suppliers, contractors, and stand builders in Dubai. With our reliable and timely water supply services, we ensure that every element of your exhibition setup is perfectly hydrated, allowing you to focus on wowing your audience and bringing your creative visions to life.

Empowering Success for Exhibition Companies in UAE

At the heart of every successful exhibition lies meticulous planning and flawless execution. As prominent exhibition companies in UAE strive to craft captivating showcases, we stand as their trusted partner in ensuring a seamless supply of water. Our services cater specifically to the unique demands of exhibition companies, contractors, and stand builders in Dubai. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your water supply needs are met with efficiency and precision. As you build the future of events and experiences, count on us to provide the essential element that keeps your creative energy flowing.

Hydration Excellence: Elevating Exhibitions with Reliable Water Supply

In the competitive realm of exhibitions, every detail matters. Our water supplying company recognizes that even the most exquisite exhibition booths, created by the finest stand builders and contractors in Dubai, can be marred by a lack of attention to hydration. As your partners in excellence, we are dedicated to providing a reliable water supply that aligns seamlessly with your event timeline and requirements. Our services not only ensure that your attendees and participants stay refreshed but also reflect your commitment to a holistic and memorable exhibition experience. With our water supply solutions by your side, let your creativity shine, and your exhibitions flourish in the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s event industry.